So who is this nerd exactly?

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Image of fullstack developer Martin Aarhus Gregersen

Eager & curious learner

I'm a strong believer in always keep learning, and as a naturally curious individual, I've always been an avid learner. Starting from a very young age it came naturally to explore and subsequently build my own pc's. The early interaction with computers led me to self-study programming at a consistent stage, once I started at Aalborg university in 2012, studying communications.

Formal education in Communications

As I studied communications at Aalborg university, I became more and more curious about learning programming, which seemed to be a given that I would learn eventually, even from early childhood. So everything I know about computers, programming and development is entirely self-taught, through trial and error and lots and lots of courses.

This also meant I wasn't immediately sure that I was gonna work in programming, and such started a student job in 2015, in which I thankfully got to uncover more of my passion. I was in a position of "working in IT", which meant doing a little bit of everything, including online marketing. It was only after having this job for a bit over a year (going fulltime from August'15 through July 16), that I knew I really wanted to code.

Acqauinted with a wide range of technologies

Throughout the course of exploring "computer science", I done quite many tutorials and online courses, coming across a vast range of technologies. Some of the more popular ones being React, Docker, NodeJS, WebPack, Git, WordPress and many more... Being self-taught you can't really skip out on anything, and you're forced to learn CLI tools, a handy bit of Linux Administration and DevOps, as well as keeping in touch with new technologies. As such I see myself with a unique profile in that I have a really broad acqauintance with popular technologies.

Big fan of Ruby on Rails

After becoming acqauinted with The Odin Project, which took me through a course, exploring all the corners of web-development, Ruby on Rails quickly became my development tool of choice. It is where I am most comfortable and have built a variety of websites using the framework, as it allows rapid feature development, and has a convenient development cycle.

Lately I have been using it for various hobby projects, and with my employment at Reva Media ApS, where I got to learn a lot more about the framework I've grown so fond of.

But at the end of the day..

But at the end of the day, the tools we use are little more than exactly that; tools. As previously mentioned, I'm a firm believer in continous growth and development, and therefore I am trying to constantly sharpen my skills. That happens by furthering my Ruby on Rails experience, but simultaneously trying to branch out and learn new technologies, such as NodeJS, React and C#.

Well, enough about work

If you're curious to learn what this dude is passionate about outside programming and what little digital marketing I know, this section is for you!

Livestreaming coding

Starting in 2014, inspired by the mantra "The teacher learns the most", I wanted to start teaching programming, to solidify my own knowledge even more. This led to an account on (now, a platform designed for livestreaming coding, where I've since garnered well over 250.000 views, creating content such as "How to create a facebook clone", "How to build a Ruby on Rails API" and "How to build a Yelp clone".

Here's an image of my current course overview Overview of my courses on (now, garnering more than 250.000 views

Competetive gamer

As an avid learner, and healthy encouragement from my mom, I have ALWAYS had a belief that "anything you can do, I can do too". In order words, I simply believe it's possible to learn anything you really set your mind to. Yes, it does take hard work and dedication, something I decided to apply to my gaming skills in 2010, after finishing high school and wanting to do more with my time than work two part time jobs.

This resulted in me getting hardcore into then recently-released League of Legends, which I still play to do this day. Back then I had my sabatticals and would travel the nation far and wide in attempts to make a living off of playing the video game I loved. I would do so and so, winning multiple LAN events across the country, even winning a few MVP titles (still have a bunch of sweet t-shirts for memories!). I would eventually stop as I matured into starting university and deemed it necessary to dedicate more time to my studies, than to a part-time dream.

Here's a fond memory of me playing against Copenhagen Wolves, shortly before their roster would make it into the professional league known as the LCS (LEC today).
Martin playing against Copenhagen Wolves back in 2013

Livestreaming Gaming & Content creation

Eventually it made sense to combine some of my passions to take things to the 'next' level, sparetime-wise :-)

Playing League of Legends at a high level for many years has put me in an interesting position with a lot of knowledge. This knowledge is something I'm now trying to share through Youtube content and my twitch livestream ( if that has any interest), where I'm trying to help less experienced players become better at the game.

Big Brain Crew

Click the image to tune in to the stream

The logo for Gregerns Big Brain Crew channel on

This has been an extremely fun journey, helping me learn a ton of new skills, most importantly; video editing. Always learning, developing and growing is my core mantra so it just makes sense that I would put my money where my mouth is, and I will admit: Learning is fun!