About Martin

Hello World! 👋

You’re a software developer, aka paid googler, and you’ve found my site because you solve problems writing code, which I am here to help you with!

My name is Martin Aarhus Gregersen, and I have been developing software since 2012, and dabbling even before then.

I’ve always had a knack for anything technical and decided to plunge myself full-time into software development, simultaneously with my bachelor studies.

That’s right, I’m entirely self taught! I did not study Computer Science, and instead I hold a degree in Communications.

With various online sources, prominently The Odin Project and CodeCademy I was able to skill myself up and become a fullstack developer.

I still work as a fullstack developer, and as a young man in my 30’s I’m still intent on changing the world (for the better!). Helping others ease into coding is my attempt at doing so!

You can follow my professional life on Github, Twitter and LinkedIn.

My goal, for all the content I am creating is to help you become a better developer, write better code an skill up as a developer.

I send occasional newsletters every week or every other week with tips on how to write better Typescript.

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